Break out of the norm. Bold is the fusion of quality and flavor, for a smoking experience like no other.

Full flavor

A rich tobacco blend with a smooth draw makes Full Flavor our number one seller for good reason. Dare to compare to any brand.


Don’t settle for anything less when you want full taste with a smoother draw. Our Smooth flavor is second-to-none.

Ultra smooth

For a smoker that appreciates a delicate taste without compromising quality and flavor.

menthol max

Step aside Newport–the coolest menthol in town is Menthol Max. You demanded more; we gave you the max.


Premium tobacco doesn’t get any better. Enjoy a cool menthol with a refreshing attitude.

menthol smooth

Nothing goes better with your morning coffee. Start your day, or top off your night with the satisfaction of smooth menthol taste.

“All Natural / No Additives" does not mean a safer cigarette.